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Wuxi Longdi Precised Forgings Co.,Ltd.

Add: NO.5 Huiji road, Changan street, Huishan district, Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, China

TEL: +860510-83763096

FAX: +86-0510-83762260



MOBILE: 13506195696(MR.Lu)
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Description:We pursuit of customer’s satisfaction, in the meantime, we focus on the enterprise environment and employee occupational health, observe laws and regulations of environment and occupational health, sa
Description:We pursuit of customer’s satisfaction, in the meantime, we focus on the enterprise environment and employee occupational health, observe laws and regulations of environment and occupational health, sa

Wuxi longdi précised forgings co., ltd is a professional manufacturer of normal-rectangle-section ring forgings, special-shape-section ring forgings, flanges and so on. Our company is a new type of enterprise of high scientific and technological content and strength leading of the forging industry in china.

Our company is located in the picturesque country garden city-Wuxi, Jiangsu province, huishan industrial park, which occupies 40 acres of land, and total investment is about 50 million RMB. The transportation is very convenient. The factory is teamed with high qualified administers and specialists of technique, examination and production. The engineers, professional and technical employees occupy over 25% of the total staff. We have strong technical force, a complete and effective quality assurance system, a reliable production process and complete testing equipments. We can provide various rings with kinds of materials and specs according to the requirement of customers; especially we are good at researching and manufacturing special-shape-section ring forgings, which save cost of 15% -30% than the normal-rectangle-section ring forgings. Our products are widely used in engineering mechanical equipment,mining mechanical equipment, tyre mould, petroleum, chemistry, wind power, metallurgy,chemicals, valve, ship and so on.

Main product equipments are:3000T oil press, 3.5m radial-axial ring rolling mill, matched charge and discharge machine, natural gas heat furnaces , sawing machines, evener, complete equipment of heat treatment, large CNC vertical and horizontal type lathes with max. diameter 4,000 mm. Physical and chemical equipments are: Germany SPECTRO direct reading spectrometers, ultrasonic non-destructive testing machine, tensile test machine, low temperature impact testing machine, hardness tester, and other chemical and mechanical analysis appliances. Our company has advanced manufacture equipments and complete physical and chemical equipments, which lay a solid foundation for supply high quality and high grade products. Our manufacturing capacity every year reaches to 40,000 tones. We pay close attention to every production link, analysis technology in detail, continuously improve in the process, and realize the process is more reasonable, perfect products’ performances. Meanwhile, we strive to realize more cost saving in every production link for gaining greater competitive advantage for company and customers.

“Longdi précised forgings’ adheres to the quality principle of “Accumulated bit by bit, achieve quality perfection” and implements a detailed prevention-oriented management, combined of strict inspection and actively prevention. In the production process we require random self-inspection, establish the patrol and entire inspection system, conduct to strictly control quality, and strictly guard a pass. We stick to the quality policy of “company-wide quality control, full quality assurance, comprehensive quality service, strictly control, continually improve, manufacture customers satisfied products, win customers trust”, adhere to the corporate philosophy " professional manufacturing, quality leadership ", so that the brand of ” Longdi precision forgings” will enjoy popular supports.

With the advanced production equipments, scientific management, strict quality control, superb technical team, we always make faster and better products, and strive for greater resources into the product technology, in order to return users to the best products and create the splendid future.

Longdi Precised Forgings